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Did you know that prolong sitting can cause serious health problems? Each day millions of Americans are doing unseen damage to their bodies simply by sitting too long. Those of us who have jobs that require sitting are really putting our health at risk. One option would be to use a standing desk and spend some time standing and some time sitting. Some of the health-related issues that can be caused by sitting include neck, shoulder, and back problems, poor leg circulation, and even some cancers. These serious conditions can even be life threatening if left untreated. Also, there are other concerns when it comes to sitting which just might affect the company you work for.

Sitting Too Long Can Affect Productivity
Not only can sitting too long cause serious medical conditions, it can also reduce productivity. Brain fog caused by sitting can sap energy and affect brain function. This loss in productivity will not only affect that person’s job but could harm the company he works for. Employers are now often encouraged to provide alternative work environments for their workers.

Alternative Work Environments
As you have learned above, sitting in a traditional desk all day can really mess with your health and your productivity. But luckily, there are some amazing alternatives that will combat the health risks of sitting.

• Standing desks: One way to ensure that you’re not sitting all day is by using a standing desk. These desks require users to stand while working which is a great way to stay in shape and boost productivity. While standing desks are not for everyone, they just might be perfect for you.

• Adjustable height desks: These desks are much like standing desks but they allow you to either use them standing or sitting. Adjustable height desks are perfect for those with health-related problems that require them to rest for part of the day. By alternating standing and sitting, you will be able to protect your health while still being able to enjoy sitting for part of your working day.

Get Up and Move
While standing desks are a great alternative to sitting all day, there are some other things that you can do to protect your health. Below are some things that you can do during your work day that will help make you healthy and feel better at the same time. So if you are worried about the health risks of sitting, why not try a few of these ideas?

• Take the stairs: If you work in an office building that has a staircase, why not take the stairs? Instead of riding in the elevator, walking up the stairs can get your blood flowing and burn some calories at the same time.
• Park away from the building: When you pull into the parking lot at work, make sure to park away from the building. Walking just a few extra steps every day will help keep you healthy and happy.
• Get up every hour: During your work day, make sure to get up and walk for at least 10 minutes every hour. This will get the blood flowing and keep you from getting a foggy brain.