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Did you know that prolong sitting can cause serious health problems? Each day millions of Americans are doing unseen damage to their bodies simply by sitting too long. Those of us who have jobs that require sitting are really putting our health at risk. Some of the health-related issues that can be caused by sitting include neck, shoulder, and back problems, poor leg circulation, and even some cancers. These serious conditions can even be life threatening if left untreated. Also, there are other concerns when it comes to sitting which just might affect the company you work for.

Sitting Too Long Can Affect Productivity
Not only can sitting too long cause serious medical conditions, it can also reduce productivity. Brain fog caused by sitting can sap energy and affect brain function. This loss in productivity will not only affect that person’s job but could harm the company he works for. Employers are now often encouraged to provide alternative work environments for their workers.

Alternative Work Environments
As you have learned above, sitting in a traditional desk all day can really mess with your health and your productivity. But luckily, there are some amazing alternatives that will combat the health risks of sitting.

• Standing desks: One way to ensure that you’re not sitting all day is by using a standing desk. These desks require users to stand while working which is a great way to stay in shape and boost productivity. While standing desks are not for everyone, they just might be perfect for you.

• Adjustable height desks: These desks are much like standing desks but they allow you to either use them standing or sitting. Adjustable height desks are perfect for those with health-related problems that require them to rest for part of the day. By alternating standing and sitting, you will be able to protect your health while still being able to enjoy sitting for part of your working day.

Get Up and Move
While standing desks are a great alternative to sitting all day, there are some other things that you can do to protect your health. Below are some things that you can do during your work day that will help make you healthy and feel better at the same time. So if you are worried about the health risks of sitting, why not try a few of these ideas?

• Take the stairs: If you work in an office building that has a staircase, why not take the stairs? Instead of riding in the elevator, walking up the stairs can get your blood flowing and burn some calories at the same time.
• Park away from the building: When you pull into the parking lot at work, make sure to park away from the building. Walking just a few extra steps every day will help keep you healthy and happy.
• Get up every hour: During your work day, make sure to get up and walk for at least 10 minutes every hour. This will get the blood flowing and keep you from getting a foggy brain.


Many consumers and companies manufacture, use and dispose of countless lots of steel each year, which goes into everything from beverage cans to automobiles. Around 155 million tons of scrap steel was recycled in 2014, which consists of 40 % of the world’s metal processed for manufacturing.

Moake Money with different types of scrap metal

Recycling Metal is something essential that we all can do to help our environment. Nearly anything can be re-used, including bottles, magazines and ferrous metals items. The Environmental
experts has shown that that steel represented 33 percent of all material waste recovered for recycling in 2014, making it the larges group of recycled materials after paper. The process for recycling steel includes numerous important steps, and understanding the procedure should encourage families to increase their recycling processes.

The first step in the metal-recycling industry is to collect metals for recycling. Steel, tin and other non-ferrous metals can be kept
and sorted at your business. Consult your regional recycling center to see if at home collection is available or if you have to deliver materials yourself. For bigger items, such as old home appliances or scrap cars, call your local recycling center to arrange arrangements to have them picked up.

As soon as the materials reach the recycling facility, they are sorted depending on the type of metal they’re made of. If you’re dropping off your recyclables, you should separate steel, pop cans, copper, and so on. all the metal items are initially be passed under a big magnet to separate all the steel materials. Aluminum recyclables might be checked for overall quality, while copper materials are mechanically separated and graded.

When the different types of metals have been sorted, they will then be processed by a device which cuts and shreds them into small pieces. Shredded products are divided into ferrous and nonferrous metals and tested for radiation. As soon as the different materials have been sorted, they are compressed under extreme pressure into cubes, making it easier for them to be transported to smelting factories. When the metals arrive at the smelting centers, the bales are fed into a heating system where they are warmed up until they end up being molten metal. The molten metal is then poured and formed into ingots, which can weigh up to 40,000 pounds.

When the metal ingots have finally cooled and hardened, they are put into a device that rolls them into flat sheets, which are the basis for brand-new metal products. Recycled metals can be used to manufacture brand-new aluminum, tin cans, appliances, cars, building products, metal piping or tubing, tin foil, airplanes and ships.


Saskatoon Home Construction
saskatoon home construction

The residential real estate market in Saskatoon Saskatchewan is starting to slow down. More new homes are on the market than there were sold last year. With over 200 developers in City with product all in a similar price point the city has a surplus of new homes.

This is the perfect time for people to either move into a new home or upgrade into a larger home. With loads of selection to choose from its a good time to sell an old home and look at new construction.

People in the Saskatoon real estate business say that while the market is currently in favor of buyers, people interested in selling their home will need to be cautions and patient.

Sellers will need to make their home presentable and ensure that it’s not in need of multiple repairs.

Canadian Real Estate

Saskatoon Housing Price Inflated
Saskatoon Housing Price Inflated

Realtors in Saskatoon Saskatchewan say that despite our buyers market housing prices in Saskatoon are inflated. The increasing housing costs of the past 7 years and current residential housing market situation were discussed at Tenuva Real Estate. Estevan’s average family home has been steadily increasing since 2008. With prices at an all-time high houses for sale are taking longer to sell.

The most popular choice and by the far the most used platform for selling and advertising homes is online MLS listings. As print media slowly dies off more and more people are making their way online to search for property. With over 80% of home buyers using the multiple listing service realtors need to make sure they are integrating houses for sale into their websites.

A Real estate brokerage like Tenuva, Remax Saskatoon, royal lepage and realty executives are all looking for the edge, something that will make their listings more user friendly and to find a way to generate leads form those visitors. Selling homes is no easy task, just having the homes for sale listed on your website is simply not enough. Realtors will need to engage their visitors, find new ways to generate leads and convert those leads into residential property listings.

GPS mobile friendly listings are the hot things right now with many realty brokerages having customer mobile MLS listing applications developed. This will give them an edge in a sellers’ market.

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Corporate suites are like a home away from homeWelcome to Saskatoon, as a business traveler your probably looking for a short term short term apartment rental or a new executive rental suite rather than a dirty hotel. Did you know that fully furnished suites provide corporate travelers the option of staying in in furnished suites that are much more like staying in a second home than a hotel. Corporate housing became very popular, especially for smaller company owner.

A friend of mine recently told me that furnished suites are typically a more affordable than a hotel in Saskatoon, SK. In addition they offer tourists more privacy and the comforts of home. Suites will typically have high speed web and cinema Televisions for their guests.

Short term rentals have great extended stay versatility with. When you are trying to find an executive suite for lease, see to it you are doing some research prior to everything is wrapped up and recognize the one that offers you the most efficient costs with the services that help in development and operations of your business.

livroom of corporate suite in downtown SaskatoonMy company prefers corporate suites which can be made use of as a relaxing place to hold business meetings. Furthermore, you’ll have daily enhancement such as your rooms cleaned, beds made and floors vacuumed in order to make your furnished suite neat and clean.

You will even have access to the apartment meeting room in order that you’ll schedule meetings along with your employees or clients. Additionally your furnished apartments will even have web connection setup for use. All those services are consisted of in the rent contract plan and this is not at all pricey affair.

See to it that the rental suites provided work well for your company. It is truly excellent method to seek out the excellent executive suites that make you feel pleased on your next visit to Saskatoon.

Hotels and Corporate Suites